The Rice Field Project Part 13 : Installing the waterpump

A water well in Thailand

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 13, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project. We bought the first plot of land in September 2017. The extra plot of land was bought in November 2017. 

So in the previous 2 parts we had made a water well, covered the water well, made a pump house, made electricity to the pump house. Now it is finally time to install the waterpump and really have water! And it was actually an easy process .... we did go to a local shop selling water-pumps. And when you buy a water-pump from them they also do the installation for free. Well of course you pay for the material. So we bought a Mitsubishi 150watt automatic water-pump. And 30min later someone came to our land with the water-pump and all material needed for installation.
What was done?
  • Put a almost 6 meters long 2-inch water pipe into the 4-inch water-well pipe. At the end of the water pipe is a filter and a water-stop. 
  • Connect this to the water-pump.
  • Install a wall-plug for the electricity (we have already a short-cut switch).
  • Install a water-tap outside the pump house and connect this to the water-pump.
  • As extra we had a second water-tap installed about 15m from the water-pump.
  • Switch on the water-pump and prime the water-pump.
While installing we could now measure that the water-well pipe is about 5.50m deep and the water-level is at the moment (dry season) at about 4.00m. So we have a water depth of 1.50m. Not bad! Total costs to make this water-well were :
  • Making the water-well   3.500 Thai baht + 500 Thai baht tip
  • Making the pump-house 1.200 Thai baht
  • Water-pump                    5.200 Thai baht
  • Installation material       1.300 Thai baht + 100 Thai baht tip
  • Total                          = 11.800 Thai baht
So we now have finally water at our Rice Field Land, so we can start growing vegetable, trees, flowers and more things. This was part 13 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

Update : The problem of the too heavy cover for the water-pump house was solved by making a new cover in 2 parts. Still heavy but manageable.

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