The Rice Field Project Part 14 : First step of building our house

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 14, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project. My wife bought the first plot of land in September 2017. The extra plot of land was bought in November 2017.

Update at 11 March 2018 : To build a house you will need a design and a technical drawing of the house you want. The first little step was that I made myself a floor plan. A simple house with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with toilet, 1 toilet, 1 living room, 1 dinning room, 1 indoor kitchen, 1 outdoor kitchen and 1 storage room. Total of 135 sqm. Separate from the house there will be 1 parking for 1 car, 1 parking for 2 motorbikes and bicycles, 1 storage room and 1 pump & filer room. But that all will be done without official design.

So I contacted a Thai friend of whom I know he has build his house in Nan and he recommended a friend of him who can to the design, technical drawing, etc. So last week we had a meeting with this guy or should I say young boy. Just to check what he can do by regulations of the law and what it costs. For 20.000 Thai baht he will design the house, make engineering drawings and provide us with all the papers we need to build the house and get a house-book registration for the house. The first step of designing will be the making of 3D drawing based on my floor plan with a few different types of roof. Currently the flat (metal) roofs are very popular. Cheap but I think they are very noisy. There a few things we did learn here :
  1. Houses of more as 150 sqm. need to be designed by a registered architect. So you will need 2 people, a architect and a engineer.
  2. Before building you will need to ask for permission to build at your local government
  3. Once build you need to apply for a house-book registration at the district government
  4. Depending on the location of the house (inside or outside the city area) there are some other laws that are applicable. And there might be more checks be done.
This was part 14 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

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