Thailand 4.0

When reading in the news about modern Thailand as Thailand 4.0 I smile a little bit and think about how many people are still living in Thailand 1.0. And Maybe 50% of the Thai people I think do not even live in Thailand 2.0. Yes in Bangkok and other big cities everything might seem modern but upcountry where the most Thai people are living it is a little bit different.

Although we are living near a small town (population about 12.000 people) with a district hospital, 4 7-11's and 2 gasoline stations there is a bit of a problem with water. As our house is just outside the official border of town (about 50m) we are connected to the public village water system. And in days of rain like now (and even more in the real raining season) the public water from the village is brown of colour. Yes our water is cheap at about 50 Thai baht per month but also useless when it is raining. So most people have their own water-well.

A sewage system? Not in our village and not in town here. Even not when I was living in a brand new housing estate in Khon Kaen city.

Then electricity, when there is heavy rain and/or a bit of storm you can be sure there will be no electricity anymore. That could take up 1 to 3 hours to have no electricity. Of course internet is interrupted for even a few hours longer. And at our old village the nearby telephone tower would also stop working after 20min.

Then the garbage, there is a public garbage collection from the village but that comes once in the 2 weeks. As that is not enough in a hot country like Thailand people use the local garbage dump. This is about 800m from our house between some trees in the rice fields. This is just a big hole in the ground where everybody dumps his garbage. And when it is a bit full someone lights a fire to burn it. Every village here in North Thailand has its own garbage dump.

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