The Rice Field Project Part 16 : Finding a new architect

House design in Thailand
As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 16, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project.

As you did read in the previous posting of our Rice Field Project we did find a young technical designer to design our house. We made a few different designs but none were the way we liked. And he did not come with any creative idea's or solutions, only with technical problems. So my wife and me had some thoughts and finally decided to stop working with him. Now we had paid a 50% deposit on the work. With was in hindsight not such a smart idea. But we were lucky and he reimbursed us 50% of the deposit. So a lesson learned, do not be to quick with choosing certain people to work for you. This lesson did cost us some money but in the total sum of this project that is not much.

So I started to ask around and we were recommended an other person. First of all it is easy because he lives about 2km from our house. And he is an licensed architect, with his own professional construction company. We not made yet an decision but I had a good feeling when we had an first conversation with him. He ask good questions and seems to know everything about building materials. But of course he is more expensive. He works on a percentage base of the to be build house. Costs are 2.5% of the to be build house. But if we choose his construction company to do the construction we get 40% discount for the designs work. So instead of 2.5% it would then cost 1.5% of the costs of the to be build house. So after Songkran we will visit a few projects that this architect did build to talk with the owners. This was part 16 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

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