Travel Tips : Choosing your hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Map of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

So you are traveling to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Most people traveling to Cambodia just visit the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and do not see the real Cambodia like in Phnom Penh. Some people do not like Phnom Penh as being dirty, busy and maybe even dangerous. Well I like Phnom Penh just because all of that. I like the vibrant street-life, the chaos and the people. And life can be as dangerous as you make it yourself. I have been about 8 times now in Phnom Penh and I always loved it. The first few times I did stay in a hotel along the riverside boulevard. I love rivers and I love the street-life on the riverside boulevard of Phnom Penh. But the area is not really representative of the real Phnom Penh with chaos and markets. So nowadays I most times stay in the area east of Central Market or behind the Royal Palace. An upcoming area for tourists is around the Independence Momument.

How to choose your hotel? Well there are hotels in all categories from cheap Hostels & Guesthouses and middle class HomeStay's & Hotel to luxury Boutique Hotels & Resorts. Two things are important for me, price and location. And I prefer to stay in newer hotels as here in Asia hotels tend to go down the drain when getting older. Most times I start with having a look at AGODA and BOOKING. That is easy as both have a map that show all hotels, so easy to look where the hotels are. As of course not all hotels are mentioned by Agoda of Booking I also have a look at Google Maps and search for hotels. Some hotels I stayed in are The Quay Hotel (riverside), River 108, Le Biz Hotel (near Central Market), The Lux Hotel (almost riverside) and Le Grand Mekong Hotel (riverside). And before really booking via Agoda or Booking I also have a look at the hotel website, sometimes they offer better prices. And check reviews at TripAdvisor (but be careful there are a lot of fake reviews).

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