Travel Tips : More temples in Nan?

Murals at the Wat Phumin in Nan - Thailand
Murals at the Wat Phumin in Nan - Thailand

While traveling in Thailand you might have seen many temples already in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. So more temples? If you are interested in culture then, yes more temples. But temples in North Thailand and especially in Nan - Thailand are different in design and art as compared to temples in Central Thailand or South Thailand. Many temples in Nan are build in Tai Lue architecture and some of them have beautiful old murals. The two most famous temples are the Wat Phumin for its murals and the Wat Phra That Chae Heang for its good luck for people born in the year of the rabbit. But there are some other rather special temples that not many people visit.

The Tai Lue migrated from the Southern Chinese province Yunnan all over South East Asia, also to the area we now call Nan province in North Thailand. And the Tai Lue have proven to be artists with textile and mural paintings, something you can still see nowadays in Nan - Thailand. Their heritage can been seen in the way of building old residential wooden houses. And in the style temples were build & decorated. Not only on the outside of the temples but especially the inside of the temples with beautiful murals. So when you are traveling in Nan - Thailand have a look at the Wat Phumin and Wat Nong Bua. And of course there are some other extra-ordinary temples like the Golden Temple (Wat Si Phan Ton), the smalles temple of Thailand Wat Noi and the Wat Phaya Wat with an unusual Chedi build in Mon architecture. And of course there are also a few meditation temples.

Most temples are open all year around, daily from 8:00 - 17:00 and entrance is free.  The most interesting temples in Nan town are within the Historical Center and nearby Nan town. A few other temples are in Tha Wang Pha (45 km North of Nan town) and Pua (60 km North of Nan town).

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