Epilog of 6 days Cambodia

Eric Kayser at Riverside Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As said I love the chaos & street-life of Phnom Penh in Cambodia but there is more. I love rivers and Phnom Penh is along where the Tongle Sap River meets the Mekong River. Life along a riverside is always great. And as Cambodia has been a colony of French I love the French heritage of architecture and food. So I enjoyed the good & affordable French food in Phnom Penh. And while having a good dinner in Phnom Penh I realised again how overpriced and overrated the French food in Thailand is. Phnom Penh has been changing over the years, more traffic, more bars, more high-rise buildings, more shopping malls. But it is still very far from being a city like Bangkok or Singapore but modern times are also reaching Cambodia. Good for the Khmer people, a bit less nice for travellers like me.

I always loved to go to Blue Pumpkin Riverside for early breakfast but something has gone wrong here because the shop did look old & dirty and service was slow. Luckily a bit further I found a new place Eric Kayser Riverside serving food & cakes. Highly recommended!

For the rest my favourite places along the riverside are Metro Hassakan for lunch, dinner or snack. And of course La Croisette where I had a second breakfast with croissant, baguette, fried egg and Pharma ham. Delicious! Then my friend introduced me to Le Saint George on Str.136, another little gem in the small streets of Phnom Penh. They serve a small but good menu of Belgium & French food. Highly recommended!

And to have a taste of hospitality my first night was at City Comfort Hotel Royal Palace at the corner of St. 136 and St. 19. It is an apartment style hotel. Be aware that the top floor has no elevator so you will have to walk the last part. Although they do serve breakfast I opt out as I think it was not very good. My second night in Phnom Penh was at City Center Hotel at St.130 with a bit basic rooms that need renovation. Be aware that many rooms do not have windows. And my last night was at Point Boutique Hotel, also at St.130. I took the biggest room with stunning view over the city. Be aware that the top floor has a roof-top and that the room will be hot at night.

Then Kampot & Kep .... I had never been there before and I think you could spend at least 1 week in this area. So I will have to come back. I loved the old shophouses and the riverside. My friend was staying and performing at The Magic Sponge Guesthouse, while I did stay 1 night at Ny Ny Hotel and another night at Blue Buddha Hotel. All in the same street where we also had lunch at Jack's Place and I always had breakfast and dinner at The Magic Sponge Guesthouse.

As we only were a few hours at Kep seaside there is not much I can really say about Kep but that I will come back in the near future to explore this area. But loved the restaurants and the seafood, a great place to enjoy the Cambodian seaside in a real local style.

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