The Rice Field Project Part 17 : A new architect and some other things

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 17, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project.

First the other things. We had an early begin of the raining season, what fits me well as it is a good test what happens with the sand we did put on our land. In the beginning we did learn already that at some parts we would need a kind wall just to keep the sand on our lan. So we made a kind of wall using cement panels that are actually used for floors in a house. That cement panels are 40cm wide and 150m long and have steel in it. We did dig them into the sand a little bit and locked them with steel pins of 70cm. The latter was not a good idea at all places, so later we added some 150cm long woonden poles. Yes they will rot away someday but they will do their job for the next few years. And it is all holding reasonable well with the kind of wall we did make around a big part of the land. At a few few places the sand did go away a bit and a a few places the wall did move a bit. We corrected that all a bit and it seems OK now. During a storm the roof of our sala was damaged so we had that fixed also.

So what is the status now?
  • We have a plot of land with 2 chanot papers and with 22 chanot poles.
  • We filled up the all plot with about 40cm of sand
  • We had 21m of wall build (1.70m high)
  • We have electricity connection
  • We had a water-well made and installed a water-pump
  • Around the land is a wooden / bamboo fence
  • The entrance has a bamboo gate that can be locked.
  • We have a wooden sala with an enforced natural roof.
  • We had partly a low wall to prevent the sand swimming away
  • We have party planted flowers that will later be a natural fence
Then the design of our to be build house. We just had a second meeting with a local architect. And the idea is that he will design and build our house. Because we use him also for construction, the design will be free of charge. Otherwise that would for a house like ours cost about 35.000 Thai baht. He will make a Design & Construction contract in what is stated when he will start and when it will be finished. And what will be done. And how much it will cost. From the moment we sign the contract it will take 6 months to finish the house. There will be a 1 year warranty on the house. Once we have the contract I will inform you about ins & outs of the contract.

This was part 17 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

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