Travel Tips : Self driving and renting a car in Thailand

If you like to travel off the beaten track then Thailand is a great country go rent a car and drive yourself in Thailand. There even some travel companies that can provide you with all information and logistics to do this. And of course there are some laws and safety things to be aware of. And I always recommend to rent a car from an international supported rental company like Avis, Budget, Sixt, Hertz or even Thai Rent A Car. You can book your car from home and pickup the car at the airport. But before you start booking .... I did a test booking for 14 days car rental via Avis and what Avis is doing I assume other car rental companies are also doing. Yes the prices look very low, until you really make a booking and see that it becomes a bit more expensive as you thought :
  • Cheapest car is only 690 THB per day if you pay NOW
  • But you get some discount for booking 14 days so rental fee for 14 days would be 9028 THB
  • But the prices are exclusive of VAT and all other things like Personal Accident Insurance, Extra Driver, GPS, Theft Insurance, No-Claim Waiver, Baby seat, etc
  • If you book all extra's the price in the end would be 23.703 THB!!
  • I would recommend to take all the extra insurances, as it is worth the money in relation to the risk.
  • This booking (14 days, cheapest car) but without some extra's would be 16.251 THB
  • Much cheaper as the first price but still 1.160 THB per day instead of 690 THB per day
Mind you, renting a GPS or baby seat at Avis costs 200 THB per day or in 14 days 2.800 THB. Well you get a bit discount for 14 days rental, so some extra's end-up being 160 THB per day. This is not a rant against Avis, I just happen to use them for a test. I assume other companies will do the same. Also be aware with Avis that there are different Avis websites to start your booking. I used Avis Thailand. And that is a bit different as AVIS where the same cheap booking (without some extra's) would cost 17.422 THB. That is 1.171 THB more as at the other Avis website????

Renting a car in Thailand I would recommend to use an international known company like Avis or one of the few big national companies like Thai Rent A Car. 

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