Visiting the renovated Nan National Museum in Nan town

Nan National Museum in Nan, Thailand

Nan National Museum is one of Nan's finest museums, housed in a beautiful old building that was once the Royal Palace of the last rulers of Nan. In 1903 it was originally build as home by Phra Chao Suriya Pnong Phalidet, the rulers of Nan. And in 1931 after the death of Chao Maha Brahma Surathadam, the last ruler of Nan, the house was donated to the government and used as provincial hall. After the building of a new provincial hall in 1973 the house was transformed to the Nan National Museum. In front of the museum is a huge garden that houses the smallest temple of Thailand and tunnel of trees that have become a signature of Nan as selfie high-light. In 2016 a renovation started of the museum that temporarily closed the all museum. And not just a small renovation as the full official opening is planned in 2019! 

At June 2018 the status is that the museum is open en entrance is free. But although the renovation of the building is finished, the exhibition is not yet fully done. As a matter a fact actually only 1 hall is finished. On the ground floor is a bit chaotic exhibition of photos and art that seems to be used just as filling up the rooms. At the upper floor at the entrance room is an exhibition of the Royal Family of Thailand. And at the main hall there is an beautiful exhibition of the Rulers of the Nan Kingdom. All other rooms are still closed. Unfortunately most of the exhibition items are in show-cases that are made of reflecting glass.

The museum is open all year around, from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 - 16:00 and there is an entrance fee. And foreigners pay extra entrance fee.
Update March 2019 : The renovation is now 100% finished and exhibition is now again in full glory.

Nan National Museum in Nan, Thailand

Old photo of Nan National Museum in Nan, Thailand

Garden of Nan National Museum in Nan, Thailand

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