Old photos of textile of the hill-tribe people in Nan

Textile from Nan by Jonathan Stiles

I love history and a while ago I did meet via the world wide web of internet thingies the wonderful photographer Jonathan Stiles who in the 1980's lived and worked in Northern Thailand. And luckily also in Nan province. He made a lot of photos and scanned some of them (unfortunately in small size). And he is willing to share them us, with the remark of "Attribution, Non-Commercial and Share Alike". So please do not use his photos for commercial purpose or without attribution. Following is the last serie of photos from Jonathan Stiles of the beautiful textile made by hill-tribes living in Nan province. For more photos from Jonathan Stiles have a look at his FlickR Thailand Photo Album or FlickR The Htin People photo album. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Textile from Nan by Jonathan Stiles

Textile from Nan by Jonathan Stiles

Textile from Nan by Jonathan Stiles

Textile from Nan by Jonathan Stiles

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