Walking on Lamai road

Lamai road, Koh Samui - Thailand

When I visited Lamai beach about more as 19 years ago it was a dusty road to almost the end of the world with some hotels along the beach. Well not much is left of that dusty road anymore as the road is now on both sides filled with restaurants, beer bars, 7-11's, massage saloons, exchange boots and even an McDonald is serving you 24hr per day. Gone is the dusty backpackers street, replaced by expensive restaurants. Phad Thai Kung for 120 Thai baht and taxi's without working meter will bring you for 300 Thai baht to Chaweng beach. Along the main road there even is an PTT gasoline station with Amazon Coffee and next to it an Tesco-Lotus supermarket. The main road has been transformed to a busy road with people driving not so slowly anymore. And of course scooter rentals and the results of accidents (sometimes deadly). Although Lamai beach is still a lovely beach, the area of Lamai is not my cup of tea anymore. All photos made August 2018. For more information about Koh Samui have a look at Camille's Samui Info Blog.

A pharmacy at Lamai beach, Koh Samui - Thailand

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