Travel Tips : Party and alchohol while on holiday

Unfortunately we hear more & more news about holidays that go terrible wrong, sometimes resulting in deathly road accidents, rape and/or murder. That can & does happen anywhere in the world, unfortunately also in the so peaceful looking tropical holiday destination of Thailand. And some places are getting a bad reputation, created by sometimes not fully to the point news. One of the points that in this news is also mentioned is the not always so very well handeling by the local law enforcement & other government organisations of this kind of accidents. And now understand me right, I do not want to put the blame on the victims. But there are a few things you can do to minimalize the risk of becoming a victim. First of all be aware of the law and local habits of the country you are visiting, things that are accepted in your home country might not be at your holiday destination. Like topless sunbathing in Thailand, it is against the law and not culturally accepted. So do not do that! Or like using any kind of drugs, it is against the law. So do not do that! And there is common sense, riding a scooter and drinking is not a smart combination. So do not do that!

Holiday can be anywhere in the world but most time it is outside your comfort zone of family and trustworthy friends. And Thailand is not different for that. But for some reason many people let their self-awarnes at home when going on holiday. And it seems that some people on holiday in Thailand think it is a kind of Disneyland, everything is possible! Of course it does not help that all kind of tourist organisations, travel agencies and hotels promote or support that image of having a party in Thailand to attract more tourists to Thailand. And of course there is nothing wrong with having a party or with drinking alchohol or I would personally say even not with using brain stimulating medication. But .... there is a BIG but.

When you are out of reach of your comfort zone, family and good friends then any country and surely Thailand is not the best place to drink alchohol above your limits or try brain stimulating medication. Or to be at curtain situations alone, like hiking in the mountains or sitting at night at the beach. Or to try things you have never done before, like riding a scooter in the mountains.

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