Staying at The Cottage Suvarnabhumi Hotel in Bangkok

While with an overlay of transfer at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok you might find it relaxing to book a hotel for a few hours. There are many hotels nearby the airport that offer this. The Cottage Suvarnabhumi Hotel is one of those hotels. The hotel is conveniently located within 15min driving from the airport and they offer shuttle transfer between the hotel and the airport 24hr a day. And nearby the hotel is an small shopping mall with an evening market. That all sound perfect, so we did choose this hotel for a 12 hour overlay. The rooms all have TV, fridge, Air-conditioning and bathroom with shower. The hotel has an swimming pool and restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We booked an superior room.

Now reality .... when I walked into my room I noticed that the air-conditioning was working very slow. So when I went for dinner I told the staff to check that or to change my room. I also told them to check the filters of the air-conditioning. When I came back I was told it was all working now.
  • Hahahaha, the only thing they did was putting the airco on 18C and on full blast high power fan. And yes then slowly the room gets a bit cool after 2 hours having dinner. But I openend the airco and the filters were black! They want to kill their customers?
  • Going to the bathroom I noticed an old female underwear. Lazy maid?
  • When going to sleep I wanted to switch on the light next to the bed. But this could not be working because the bed was placed against the wall-socket so you could never put the plug into it. Someone must have tried it because the plug was broken in two pieces and there were open wires left.
In the morning at breakfast I complained about everything but all they could say was sorry and "You have to pay for breakfast". Actually at the restaurant they said breakfast was 200 THB, at the counter they said it was 300 THB but someone who was not the manager but was sitting in the office said it was 250 THB. So I paid 250 THB for a lousy breakfast. My conclusion : Not my cup of tea! And they will not see me again there.

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