Sunset bicycling in Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand

While going to visit the family of my wife in Khorat we made a small holiday visiting old friends along the way. Our first destination was Sukhothai where I was for the first time about 25 years ago. We arrived in the afternoon in Sukhothai and did first looked for an hotel. We settled for Scent of Sukhothai Resort near the Historical Park. Then my wife was hungry so we needed to eat first and we found a lovely place between the rice fields at Sweet Rice Cafe (highly recommended!). After an late lunch snack we went to the Historical Park to buy tickets. Always funny .... we rich tourist have the privilege to pay 100 THB, while any other Thai tourists only pays 20 THB (yes also the Bangkokian tourist in his BMW). Of course they do write the prices for Thai people in Thai numbers, something they normally never do. Would they actually be ashamed of the scam of having tourists pay 5 times as much? And you pay 10 THB per bicycle. You can use an electric TukTuk to go around the Historical Park but we wanted to go bicycling.

So where to get your bicycle? Well opposite the main entrance gate are many shops that rent bicycles.  We did choose K Shop because I come there already since 18 years when I am in Sukhothai. The bicycles are simple and a bit old but they are perfect for the short ride in the park. We made only a 45min tour passing a few temples that we have seen so many times already. But the ride thru the beautiful park at sunset time is really stunning. Highly recommended to do!

If you want to make bigger bicycle tours in Sukhothai have a look at the original and best Cycling Sukhothai Bicycle Tour Thailand by Mem & Ronny or Sukhothai Bicycle Tour Thailand by Jeap & Meauw. I know both tour companies and both owners are long time friends of mine. Both are highly recommended.

Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand

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