Taking the Green Bus from Chiang Mai to Nan

Green Bus in Thailand
While I was in Chiang Mai for some reason I had to go back to Nan for 1 day, so I did choose to take the bus and I did choose the Green Bus. I see them many times driving in Nan and they have a good reputation. In Chiang Mai they are leaving from the Arcade 3 Bus Station and in Nan they stop at Nan Bus Station. From Chiang Mai to Nan is 316km and by car you could drive that in 5 hours. OK of course the bus will stop a few times so it will take a bit longer. Actually it took me 6½ hours, not bad. It was a comfortable trip, no crazy driving in regards to speed or overtaking. Mind you there are a few stops, like after 10min already at a gasoline station where an office of Green Bus is. Then at Lamphun bus station what is about 10km from the highway. Then at a parking in the mountains where an broken Green Bus was parked. Then at the Lampang bus station, Phrae bus station what is in the middle of town and as last at Wiang Sa bus station. No toilet or lunch stop, but you get served a snack and drink. And there is an toilet in the bus. All together a good way of traveling. But ......

The next day I had to go back and I started in Pua, what is 60km north of Nan town. By car that takes you between 45min and 60min. So I go on the bus at the Green Bus office in Pua but as there is also an Pua bus station the first stop was within 5min already. Then we stopped at Tha Wang Pha bus station and we stopped along the road to pickup some people. And then of course a stop at Nan bus station. All together it took us almost 2hrs to finally leaving Nan town! And of course we stopped again at Wiang Sa, Phrae, Lampang and Lamphun. And we made a lunch stop. And worst of all just 10km before Chiang Mai the bus stopped along the highway to pickup a family member of the bus lady. But he was not there on time so we waited and waited and waited ..... for 30min! So all together it took me 9½ hours to get back to Chiang Mai. OK it was 60km more but that still means it took 2 hours more to travel as coming to Nan. You do understand I was not happy when arriving in Chiang Mai and I filed an complain. To my surprise I did even get an reaction. But my complain was waived away with the remark that the GPS showed we only stopped for 15min along the highway (and that seems no problem). So next time I will probably try another bus company.

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