The Rice Field Project Part 21 : A bit more adjustments

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 21, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project.

Last week we did sign an official Design Contract in what we officially give the order to design our house. That sounds a bit weird as we are already about 2 months busy with the design of our to be house. So why? Well until now it was just the floor plan and the roof type. Now at the next stage of design the full design papers will be made incl. all the be used materials and prices. This is a lot of work and they want to be sure that we will pay for that. Pay? Well yes and no. Within the building contract we will have free design of the house but of course it is not free. So we now pay 20.000 Thai baht for the design (architect) and that money we get back after paying the first deposit for the building.

The planning is that within the end of this month (September 2018) the full design will be finished and permit for building will be applied. The latter will be done by the construction company. Approval of the building permit will take about 1 week. So basically mid October the construction could start, weather permitting.

As of the final design it goes a bit weird ... we asked for a few small changes but they were not done or incorrectly done. Like ....
  1. The stock room was only 1.20m and I wanted that bigger. While the toilet next to it is 1.70m. So I asked her to make the stock room bigger and the toilet smaller. But then she made the stock room bigger by making the dinning room next to it small and keep the toilet the same size. So I told her again Dinning room not smaller, stock room bigger, toilet smaller. But now my Dinning room is back to the old size and also the toilet. So a last time I ask her Stock room bigger and toilet smaller!
  2. There is a kind of hallway to the bedroom and that was only 1.0 width, a bit to small. So I ask her to make it wider to 1.20m. But it became 2.0m. And now I have a 80cm smaller entrance hall.
  3. As we have a very big outside patio I asked her to make the entrance hall a bit bigger and the patio a bit smaller. That did not happen at all.
So we now did write down all points that have to changed. Included that all windows have to be until 50cm under the ceiling. Not 1m as she made the designs (to keep it in the same height as the doors). Waiting for the "final" design".

Feng Shui in Thailand
When making a house design in Thailand you have to think about the Thai way of Feng Shui. Like in what direction the bed is standing. That the toilet is not in direction of the front door. That there is no door in front of the front door. That the outside entrance stairs are not in the middle of the house straight to the front door. That stairs can not be 2 steps (and some other numbers).

Building a low wall
In the meanwhile we have found a local construction guy who will build the low-wall to protect the land from water from a nearby rice field. This wall will be 25m long, 50cm into the ground and 50cm above the ground. And it will have poles of 1.20 every 3 meters. Labour and material will be about 1.000 Thai baht per meter. Work will start as soon there are a few dry days.

This was part 21 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

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