The Rice Field Project Part 23 : An overview

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 23, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. We bought the land in September 2017.

The current status is that the full design papers are almost ready and that it goes still according to plan to finish them before end September 2018 and also to apply for the building permit. In the meanwhile we have asked for an example of the building contract, so we can read that without being in a hurry to sign it. And when the construction is 70% done the construction company will apply for house-number and house-book. So I thought lets give you a overview about what happened and how much it did cost. We bought the land in September 2017, it is now September 2018.

Buying the land = 24.000 Thai baht
Besides the price for the land we payed for things like commission to the guy who helped us finding the land, 50% of the tax of buying the land, resurvey of the land and putting new chanot poles.

Filling up the land with sand = 117.000 Thai baht
The land is 366 Tarang Wha big or 1464 sqm. We filled up with sand, 60% of the land was raised 50cm, 40% about 80cm.

Fence + partly wall = 80.000 Thai baht
Around the land is 45m real wall (about 1.300 Thai baht per meter), the rest is simple fence of wood & bamboo. About 93m of that fence has a low cement wall to prevent sand going away.

Utility = 56.000 Thai baht
Costs of getting electric depends very much on your location, we needed to pay for 2 more electric poles along the road. And we did make a kind of electric box on the land from where in the future everything can be connected and controlled. Costs about 40.000 Thai baht.
The costs of getting water also depends very much on your location, we do not have public water. So we needed to make a water-well with and buy an electric pump. So we needed to made electric at the water wall.

Total costs 227.000 Thai baht!!! And we are not even building yet! Well a little bit as we did build a sala. That was moved to a better location on the land and better rebuild. That did cost us 15.000 Thai baht.

This was part 23 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

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