The Rice Field Project Part 24 : Finally going to start

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 24, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project.

The original planning was to have the design papers finished before October 2018 and to start building mid October 2018. But we have been changing a bit of the design and my wife changed her mind about the day to start building. Or at least the day that the first pole has to be erected with a good luck ceremony. So the erecting of the first pole will be done on 8 November 2018. That means that they will start about 1 week before that. As said in the meanwhile we changed some small things in the design and the building permit as been applied and obtained. This week we will get the Construction Contract and the exact price. We started with a house of 1.500.000 Thai baht but we made the house bigger and higher and the price tag is now about 1.620.000 Thai baht. Our house will be 130 sqm., mind you that is included the balcony behind & the stairs down. And included the front porch & stairs down. The real inside-house size is 112 sqm. And that is include all wall that are inside the house and included 50% of the outside walls. So they real free floor is probably about 100 sqm. You can see that our house is on poles. Under the house will be a cement floor, but that is not yet in the design or price. We will probably do that later as that is probably much cheaper.

From my experience in regards to the design & construction you should think about :
  • Foundation, how deep are the poles going into the ground? How big are the poles going to be? How big footing will be under the poles? How big & how much steel is used in the cement?
  • How high is your ceiling?
  • What type of roof you want? Tiles or the modern flat sheets? If you choose flat metal sheets be aware without isolation they become very hot and when raining they are very noisy. 
  • Has the roof isolation?
  • What type of stones are used to build the walls? Cement blocks, Gips blocks or red stones?
  • Are all sizes like you want it? Think about doors and windows. Be aware that the sizes on a design are from center-wall to center-wall. If your wall is 10cm think and your kitchen is 3 by 3 meter the floor will actually be 2.90 by 2.90 meter. 
  • Thai doors seem standard to be 80cm and bathroom doors 70cm.
  • How is the floor made? By pouring cement or ready-made cement floor panels?
  • Are lights points, lights switches and wall-plugs on the right place & enough?
  • Have all wall-plugs grounding? And how is the gronding made?
  • I do not want to see poles inside the house, so some wall are double to cover the poles.
And if you thought that this was the difficult part wait until you have to choose what type and colour for floor tiles, what colour paint, etc.

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