The Rice Field Project Part 25 : What are we building?

My house in Thailand
As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 25, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. We bought the land in September 2017.

Update at 26 October 2018 : So what are we actually going to build? A one floor house of 130 sqm, included the balconies and stairs (front and rear). The house is build on poles and has 1 Kitchen, 1 Big L form Living room, 1 Small Storage room, 1 Toilet, 1 Bathroom with shower, bathtub and toilet, 1 Wardrobe room, 1 bedroom and 1 entrance room. The ceiling hight is 3 meter. The building price is 1.620.000 Thai baht and besides curtains and air-conditioning the house should be ready to move in. Next part will be the erecting of the first pole. Construction is scheduled to start begin next month and take 5 months.
  • The roof will be made of Cpac roof tiles and the roof will have 4 ventilation vents. The roof is sticking out 1.20m and looks to be supported by sticks from the wall. But this is of course just for show.
  • Behind the kitchen is a small balcony with stairs going down. On this balcony will be build a small counter for cooking smelly Thai food. 
  • The walls of the house will be made from red clay stones.
  • The house will be build on a foundation of cement poles that go into the ground and that have a footing of 1.20m by 1.20m. There will be 18 poles.
  • The living room has 2 big windows at the corner. The front window has sliding doors. Later we might build here a big verandah in front of the house. But we are actually not sure yet if we not build that in the garden.
  • The space under the house is NOT going to be used as car park but for Garden Storage, Parking bicycles, Water tanks, Water filters, Water pump. A car & motorbike parking place will be build somewhere next to the house.
  • For our bedroom I will buy a special brandname window of what I have experience that they are sound-proof. 
  • The bathroom will not have a water-heater at the shower. Under the bathroom will be a big boiler to be used for shower and bathtub.
  • There will be no electric short-cut boxes in front of the bathroom or in the bedroom for the air-conditioning. All will go via the main electric circuit box that will be places in the storage room. There will be groups for AC, Hot water, Lights, Wall sockets, Wash-machine. 
  • Under the house will be a second electric circuit box for lights under the house and water pumps.
  • The price of the house is incl. doors, paint, lights, tiles, etc. But we will buy most of this ourselves and we get discount for wat we buy ourselves or if the constructor buys more expensive we pay extra.
  • The house will not have connection to public water, but there is a private water well in the garden. At the water-well will be a water-pump 1 to pump the water to the house and thru water filters. And then into a water tank of 500 liter. From there there will be a second water-pump to pump the water into the house. And actually there will be a third water-pump (placed also at the water well) for water in the garden.
  • When the house is 70% finished the house will be checked and we get approval papers with what we can apply for a house-number. With that house-number we can apply for a house book.
  • The land now has temporarily electricity connection. Electricity comes from the street and then goes underground to the house. Once we have a house book we can apply for permanent electricity connection.

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