The Rice Field Project Part 26 : The paper work

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 26, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. My wife bought the land in September 2017. The real construction of the house started 29 October 2018.

Update on 28 October 2018 : Since we are now finally starting to build also all the paper work is done. And there is actually a lot of paper work to be done for building a house. How did this go work with our construction project?

The Designing Contract

Once we were in general agrement about what to be build, so we had a floor-plan, we made a contract in what we requesting a full Architectural & Engineering Design to be made. We paid 20.000 Thai baht for this. And when we continue with the real construction we did get this 20.000 Thai baht back as discount on the first payment on the construction. Once we had agreed on the final design the architect & engineer did apply for a Building Permit. Here at our place that took 1 week but at other places that might take longer.

Some remarks about designing the house :
  • After making adjustments check the all design again, because sometimes adjustments are not done like asked. Or sometimes a thing you previously had changed suddenly comes back again.
  • Check all sizes. We have a kind of small hall-way and on the floor-plan that looked good until I saw it was only 1 meter width. 
  • Check all light points, wall-socket points, switch-points. Our architect had some weird ideas. And for me personally not enough wall-socket points.
  • Check all windows. Are they the right size, placed on the right place and the correct type of window?
  • Also check the technical details like how big are the footings, how deep goes the foundation, how big are your poles, how many poles are used.
Once you receive the Building Permit you all pages of the design papers are stamped by the person who gives you the Building Permit. So there will be 3 sets of your design. First 1 for the government, then 1 for yourself and 1 for the construction company. 

The Construction Contract

Once the design stage is fully done you can start the construction stage. To start that we made a Construction Contract. In our case that is a about 10 pages contract. The main points mentioned in this contract are :
  • Who is going to build what & where and for who.
  • When building will start (contract date) and when it will be finished (270 days after contract date).
  • In the contract is a reference to the house design, detailed material report and detailed costs report.
  • Warranty for the materials and warranty (1 year) for the construction (5 years).
  • The total costs for the construction incl. all materials.
  • Payment schedule (35%, 20%, 20%, 20%, 5%), the last 5% when the house is 100% finished.
Now you see that the construction could max. take 9 months before the constructor needs to pay a fine (set in the Thai law). The constructor thinks that in reality it will take 5 months to build the house, but uses this clause in case something goes wrong like weather or not being able to get materials. Of course he will have to proof that he did all he could do.

In regards to this contract be aware that since 1 January 2017 there is a new Consumer Protection Act in Thailand. The contract is signed on all pages by 2 people and at the end also signed by 2 witnesses. There should be 2 the same contracts. The first 1 for the constructor, the second one for us. Also to be signed by 2 people are :
  • The 2 sets of the design papers
  • The Detailed Material Report (with prices)
  • The Detailed Costs Report
  • Copy of construction company registration
At this stage there is no detail yet about the used floor tiles, bathroom tiles, toilet, doors, etc. So this is something we will have to choose when construction is going on. For all of this standard prices are mentioned and included in the construction costs. If we want something cheaper or more expensive then this will be settled with the total construction costs. Like standard there will be PVC doors in the house but we want wooden doors. So we will choose doors at a shop recommended by the construction company. And they will order & pay for the doors as they get discount. We will pay the difference later as extra.

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