The Rice Field Project Part 27 : Location and digging

Living in Thailand
As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 27, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. We bought the in September 2017. The construction of the house started 29 October 2018. Following is the status update of 30 October 2018.

First the location

This is finally the first step of the real building of our house. It is all about location as you know, so we start with the exact location of where the house has to be build. And the exact location where all the foundation poles have to go into the ground. How does that work?

Well very simple, the architect did copy the chanot papers (land ownership papers) and she request some information from the Land Department. At the chanot is a drawing of the land. She copies the drawing and add's the size's from chanot pole to chanot pole. Now these were not really correct but who cares. Within that drawing she did draw the floor plan of the house with the exact location of the poles. Then she did calculate the distances from each corner of the house to the border of the land. All that size's are also added to the drawing.

Then they start with to determination of the center of the first corner pole. From there they measure the locations of all other poles. And they have a geo-location camera to make 4 fixed points around the house. So at the end of the story there are 18 small poles set in the land with a red paint market in the sand. Each pole is the center of 1 pole of our house. And there are 3 red-poles set around the house area. These poles will be used later to pin-point the poles exactly when building them.

Then the digging

We went at 8:00am to our land because before the digging would begin my wife would offer 16 incense sticks to the land & soil and asked to be fine that we would be digging the soil and building our house. At 9:00am a in Thailand called "makro" was brought with a big truck to dig the 18 holes needed for the 18 poles. And 1 hole for the to be make temporarily toilet. Each hole is about 1.50m by 1.50m and about 1.50m deep. This took about 3 hours. Job done for today.

Unfortunately we did not find any lost treasures, but luckily we did also not find remains of an old temple. Amazingly how much sand comes from 18 holes!

And as last some other preparations

Some workers will also come to build a make-shift small work-space and a temporarily toilet. We have already electricity so that is easy, but they will setup their own safety box. Costs of electricity will be ours.

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