The Rice Field Project Part 28 : The erecting of the first pole ceremony

Building a house in Thailand
As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 28, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. We bought the land in September 2017. The construction of the house started 29 October 2018.

Status report at 8 November 2018 : Finally some action again. So what is this ceremony? Briefly said it is an blessing ceremony for your to be building house. But erecting first pole? Yes, erecting. Here in Northern Thailand a house is not build on poles that are put into the ground. Here they dig a hole and in the hole will be made a footing with a pole to the top of the wall of the to be build house. So they will start with a steel frame for the foot and pole. This steel frame of the pole will be later build into a wooden cast in what cement is poured.
And this has to be done at an auspicious day and auspicious time. In our case the month after the 3 months Buddhist lent, so at the 12th lunar month. And then at a good day to build a house. For us that became 8 November. This was all in discussion with a old & wise guy living next door. And of course it would have to be done at 9:09am. And under the footing will be placed 9 Thai baht in "silver" coins (1 Thai baht), 9 Thai baht in "bronze" coins (2 Thai baht) and 9 Thai baht in "copper" coins (satangs). And in the floor of the hole are put 9 small wooden sticks. At the top of the pole will be leaves of a banana tree, some money and gold. The latter 2 are removed later. And a wise man will come to speak words of wisdom for a good live in our new houses. And he will bless all the foundations of our house.

But what has been done before they can start making all the poles and the all cement structure for the house?
  • As you did read in the previous post they did dig 18 big holes about 1.50m deep. 
  • Then each hole is by hand made to the exact needed size with a flat floor.
  • At each hole is then marked the exact location of the center of each pole. 
  • On the flat floor is poured a mix of cement, zand and small stones. This is about 8cm tick. It is said that this is done to prevent water going into the to make footings.
  • In each hole on the cement floor is build a casting for the food, this are just cement blocks. 
  • And they have been preparing all the steel needed to make the footings and first part of the poles. 
So this morning 7 steel footings and 7 steel pole frames were placed into the footing cast. And the 7 footing casts have been filled with cement. Now they are preparing for the next poles .... still 11 to go.  This will probably be done tomorrow. The next step will be to make wooden castings for the poles and fill them with cement also.

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