Using a log or watermark on photos?

As you see on the photo above on the right below corner is an watermark referring to my travel blog. Almost all photos on my travel blog are made by me, myself and I. And if people are using my photo it would be at least nice if they would credit me or make a reference to my travel blog. Mind you I have seen my photos uses on other websites. I have even seen a complete posting being copied to another website. But what about the watermarks? There are some people who say "Don't do it" and some even give a few reasons why not. But what do you gain from not using it?

1. Watermarks do NOT protect you from piracy

Hello, yes I am not stupid I know that. It is very easy to remove a watermark. But then again it is also very easy to break a lock, but still people lock their car and motorbikes.

2. You do not need a watermark to appear professional

Again yes I do understand that but that was never my intention. So?

3. Watermarks hurt your chances of getting featured

You mean another website wants to use my photo without any reference to me? Then what is the use of the feature at all?

4. No one can read your watermark anyway

Well at least the watermark I use can be read. Actually I think you can read most watermarks.

5.  Your watermark ruins the composition of your photo

Well there we have the first possible valid point against using a watermark. I think the watermark I currently use is very limiting in ruining the composition of the photo. But you have a point.

6. Your watermark is not a signature

Again also a good point, that is why I put the watermark on the below right corner and make it not too big. And not in a very disturbing colour.

7.  It is really hard to keep your watermark up to date

Again a valid point, showed at my travel blog with about 3 or 4 different watermarks. But does that matter?

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