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Traveling in Thailand
Sunrise in the mountains of North Thailand

Although there is a button ABOUT not many people know about the person behind this travel blog, so I thought lets make a posting about it. My Thai nickname is Chang Noi (what means Little Elephant) and I am the founder & editor of this travel blog Traveling 2 Thailand. I  was privileged to be born in a tiny country in Western Europe and while working as software developer I started in 1985 to explore South-East Asia traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam. And I found my roots in Thailand medio 2000 and started to travel & work in Laos and China. Of course as many foreigners coming to live in Thailand I lived the first almost 3 years in Bangkok, then moved upcountry to a village between Pattaya and Leam Chabang. In the meanwhile I found the love of my life and married to a sweet Thai girl. After many years the all region became so busy that we moved to Khon Kaen in North-East Thailand. But missing the mountains we finally moved to Nan province in North Thailand.

After working in the Travel & Hospitality industry in South-East Asia I am now doing what I love  most ... independently traveling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. If possible by motorbike! And I still love traveling, to go just about to every corner of the always surprising Thailand. My favourite poem is The Men That Don't Fit In by Robert W. Service. If you would like to contact me then click HERE.

Traveling in Thailand

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