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Ancient Khmer temple in North-East Thailand

In 2009 I started this travel blog as Chang Noi in Thailand to inform my family & friends back home about living in Thailand. But slowly it changed to a travel blog and it became Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi. And since 2018 it has become Traveling 2 Thailand, with its own URL (www.traveling2Thailand.com) so it easier to find & remember. I did even venture on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but as I am rather spending my time at traveling I focus my attention now to the travel blog website and a little bit to the Facebook page of this travel blog. This travel blog is made with and hosted at Blogger, actually not offering the best & modern user-interface.

This travel blog is made just for the sheer love of traveling and sharing experience about traveling in Thailand with inside tips about off the beaten track places and a peek into living in Thailand. I just love traveling and hope to inspire other people to be traveling off the beaten track in Thailand. I have really visited all places I write about and share only first hand personal experiences. Almost all photos are taken by me and sometimes edited a little bit with Lightroom. To respect the privacy of people you will not see many times people in my photos.

As you can read I am not a native English speaker and my writing might not be as good as I would like it to be. And yes once & awhile I am contacted by professional writers who offer me their service as ghost-writer. But as the making of this travel blog is a hobby (that does not make any money) I can not afford to spend money on this.

There is the category Traveling with all postings in regards to traveling, this are about 80% of all postings. Then there postings about Motorbike Riding in Thailand or Living in Thailand. To make help you while traveling I also made a category Travel Tips Thailand. And recently I started to make Destination Travel Guides Thailand.

Of course you can also search on place names like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. There are also a few not so clearly marked categories like postings about hotels where I have been Staying with informations & reviews about the hotels. Actually there are many categories (labels) to search for postings, just click on the hamburger menu on the top-left of the travel blog. There you can search with labels, click on Show More to see all labels (categories). You will be able to find information about Airports, Places, Car Rentals, Weather, Caves or Ancient Temples. I hope you will enjoy reading my travel blog and that it will inspire you to travel in Thailand.

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