Flowers as tourist attraction in Thung Chang

Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand

As you might have seen before Thai people love flowers, so places with beautiful flowers in Thailand become a tourist attraction. Like the private road of a house near Thung Chang in Nan province, North Thailand. About 10 km north of Thung Chang goes from route 101 a private road of about 1 km to the house of the owner of this road. He did plant along this road trees (I think more as 100) that blossom beautiful in March. So once a year he opens the road for the public (entrance fee 20 Thai baht) and many people come here to admire (and make selfies with) the beautiful yellow flowers. For more information about the beautiful Nan province in North Thailand see Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand.

Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand

Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand

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