The Rice Field Project Part 35 : The Extra's

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 35, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. We started with a house of 1.x MB but made the house bigger and it became 1.x MB + 100.000 Thai baht. But that was all before we started to build. Once we started to build we added some thing, so extra costs. And for some things we wanted a better quality, so extra costs.


  • The poles under the house 25cm higher and a floor under the house = 90.000 Thai baht
  • Better quality doors (8 high grade teak wood doors) = 24.000 Thai baht extra
  • Better quality tiles for floor & bathroom = 11.000 Thai baht extra
  • Better quality toilets, taps, basin, etc. = 37.000 Thai baht extra
  • Stock room + Toilet under the house = 80.000 Thai baht
And what is nice for the extra's materials like doors, toilets, etc. we pay the price that the company pays. Example the doors we ordered would actually cost 4.500 Thai baht for 1 door. But we pay 4.000 Thai baht. The toilets would actually cost 7.800 Thai baht for 1 but we pay 5.200 Thai baht. And for the extra's we did get specified invoices. But still this means a total extra of 242.000 Thai baht. 

More costs 

  • Build-in kitchen (only counter) = 70.000 Thai baht **
  • 2 Waterpumps, Water-tank, Water-filers = 33.000 Thai baht
  • 1 Air-Conditioning = 40.000 Thai baht
  • 1 Water Heater = 8.000 Thai baht
  • Curtains = 27.000 Thai baht
** = We planned to use a Build-In-Kitchen company from Nan town and they made a design and did give us a price. So today we went to their shop to make agreement, pay deposit, etc. But the guy in the shop did not know much, had to call to his "friend" for everything and told us it would take 2 months to order the kitchen (and maybe not even get ti colour we want). So if we have now already this kind of weird shit going on we better find a new company to make our kitchen.

Current status at 2 March is 

  • Roof is 100% done
  • Ceiling inside & outside is 100% done
  • Tiles on the floors & bathroom is 95% done

Next steps are

  • Painting
  • Water & Installation toilets, bathtub, etc.
  • Electra & lights
  • Windows & doors
  • Floor under the house (will be done this week)
  • Stock room + Toilet under the house (will be done next week)
And last but not least a professional cleaning crew will come to totally clean the house. But before that the house will have to be checked if everything is OK. And I am sure already 1 bathroom wall-tile have to be replaced due to damage. And 2 tiles on the stairs are also damaged. And while the house is cleaned also the all construction site will have to be cleaned.

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