The Rice Field Project Part 36 : Making an entrance gate

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 36, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. As all the big truck have now done their job at building our house it became time to make a real entrance gate. But to make that you need strong cement poles. I was thinking just to buy ready-made cement poles but according to the guy making the steel gate itself that is not strong enough. So we first had to get people to build 2 big & strong poles. And a bit smaller pole at the corner of the land. So the same people wo did build the wall behind the house came and did work for 4 times s a half day (3 people). Looks good and strong. Material costs was very low as we used sand, stones, cement and steel from the house construction (with consent of the construction company of course). We only bought some small steel and 2 bags of special cement for a total costs of 560 Thai baht. Labour costs were 3.000 Thai baht. Total costs for building the 2 gate poles + 1 corner pole was 3.560 Thai baht.

For the steel gate we went to the guy who did the steel for our house construction, he lives nearby so that is easy. He came to take the size of the to build gate and to discuss the design to the gate. The gate is going to be a swing-door instead of a sliding-door. And it is only going to be 1.2m high. But it is 5m width! So each door is going to be 2.5m! And it is going to be a simple design and painted in black. So the steel man did his work at home and after 3 days we came to look if we were OK with what he made. As we were OK with it he came the next day to install the gate. And that is much more work as I thought it would be. With 2 man they have been working a half-day. Total costs was 12.000 Thai baht. So having a gate did costs us in total 15.560 Thai baht.

In the meanwhile construction of the house continues with painting inside & outside, making the cement floor under the house, making electric & water to the house, repairing some bad parts of plaster on the walls. The official planning to completion of construction is June 2019 but in reality the planning was before Songkran 2019. So before 12 April 2019. Well I doubt they are going to manage that as it is now 11 March. So I assume it will be a month later (I also assume that around Songkran there will be at least 1 week no construction at all).

A minor setback is that the ordered wooden doors are not yet delivered are just delivered today and the ordered sanitary-ware is also not yet delivered  is just delivered but not complete : Bathtub, 2 special taps and another part is still missing. And as we use special taps (that the construction people have never used before) the latter means that the water-pipes are also not yet all build-in. That again means that the tiles in 1 bathroom are also not yet fully done. And the people doing the tiles are going on 2 weeks holiday 15 March. So bathroom & water will be finished begin April.

Another minor setback is that the sewage pipes for the toilets are not 100% on the correct place. I wondered already how they could build them in without knowing what type of toilets we use (as there seems no standardisation for the distance between the wall and the pipe). They way they build the sewage pipes now the back toilets would be about 8 to 14cm from the wall. See photos below. We told this to the construction company and I am wondering how they are going to solve this. As I have seen this problem before in a rental house, I also know a Thai way of solving this problem. But this will not happing in my house! Later more about this.

Update : As the toilets did arrive I could finally check the toilets and see that the construction & connection is made in a way that the distance is flexible ..... BUT with a max. of 30.5 cm! So bad luck for the construction people as they probably will have to destroy the floor to move the sewer pipes.

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