Walking at the mangroves Kung Krabaen in Chanthaburi province

Traveling in Thailand

At the most northern point of Hat Chaolao in Chanthaburi province is a mangrove forrest park and it is part of Kung Krabaen Bay Development Center. From the main road is a small road with a sign and at the end of that road is after 300m a parking. From there you can start walking a elevated wooden trail of 1.5 km thru the mangrove forrest. At the moment (February 2019) it was all brand new. Mind you it is not wheelchair friendly as there are 2 bridges to cross and a few up & down steps. And there are signs of explanations ... in Thai language. But entrance is free. Best to do in the early morning, it opens at 8:00 and closes at 17:00. The trail ends more or less where you did begin and that is where you will also find good clean toilets and some food-stalls selling food & drinks. Following are some photos I did make while walking the walk.

Traveling in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand

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