Enjoying the cool water along the Pua River in Pua

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand

This year in the hot season it is really hot in Nan province, North Thailand. So cooling down in one of the many rivers is a great thing to spend the afternoon. Like we did here along the Pua River nearby Pua town in Nan provinces. It is a bit difficult to find as there is no transport going there and of course there are also no signs in English how to go there. But click on the 🌏 under this posting to find the location tag on Google Maps. From Pua town a little bit north and then to Ban Na Fang and from there a dirt road of a few km to your destination. Near each other are 3 places where you can sit, relax and eat & drink. Most Thai people come in the late afternoon as it is not too hot anymore. For more information about the beautiful Nan province in North Thailand see Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand.

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand

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