Rambong dancing in Northern Thailand

Rambong dancing in North Thailand

In North-East Thailand (Isan) they have the famous Morlam music and dancing girls. In Northern Thailand there is a bit different version called Rambong. Of course there is a stage with a band making loud, very loud music. But instead of dancing girls on stage there is a dancing podium in front of the stage where a group of girls are dancing in a rotating circle movement. In front of the dancing podium is a counter where you can buy tickets to dance with one of the girls. About 10 Thai baht for 1 ticket. You give the ticket to the girl of your choice and she will slowly tear the ticket apart while dancing with you. When all your tickets are gone it is time to buy new tickets or to stop dancing. Now this become a interesting thing .... although most of the dancing girls are beautiful & young, most of the paying dancing partners are older women and some man. Some men are too old or too shy to go dancing so they sit in front of the dancing podium and give a girl tickets to dance for them. This is not only fun but also shows how rich & hiso the person doing this must be. Some men just give tickets to the girls (I assume the girls get a commission) to impress the girls. And to show off how rich they are. This parties are done on special days like Songkran and can also be done in day time.

Rambong dancing in North Thailand

Rambong dancing in North Thailand

Rambong dancing in North Thailand

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