The Rice Field Project Part 37 : Slow, slower and slowest

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is part 37, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. The first 3 months with the construction crew did go fast and 70% of the house was done. But the it started to slow down. And now even more. As said the contractual planning is mid June, but I was promised to try mid March. But mid February it was sure that mid March would not be possible, but before Songkran (mid April) the house should be finished. But now at 1 April (no joke this time) I am sure the house is not going to be finished mid April. That would be not such a problem if that delay was not caused by late ordering of material or just no people coming to work. So I just had a bit pissed off conversation with the construction company with the question if 30 April the house would be 100% finished? And they said yes, sure! Well I will ask them again tomorrow, as there are many small things to be done. Mind you, this is the beginning of the 6th month of construction!

Also there is a minor accident, last week there was a huge storm with a lot of wind. As the house has no windows yet all the wind and rain did blow into the house. Then the door of the bedroom was hit by wind and closed. So now all the wind in the bedroom had no place to go and pressed the ceiling of the roof up. On some places about 20cm higher, on other places broken. And in the living room and outside the ceiling is slightly damaged with cracks. But that was all last week and nothing yet has been done. And due to the huge amount of water from the rain there are now small sink holes around a few foundations of the house. This due to lazy way of filling up the holes around the foundation. Now it will be more work for them to fix it. So I am not really happy at the moment.

But what has been done?

  • All electric & lights are working inside the house
  • All house is painted inside & outside
  • 90% of the water "plumping" is done
  • All doors are installed and painted

What still has to be done?

  • Installation of shower + bathtub
  • Installation of water filters and water tank
  • Installation of 2 water pumps
  • Installation of windows
  • Installation of electric + lights under the house (ground floor)
  • Installation & tiles of toilet under the house
  • Covers for water pipes under the house
  • Cement floor over septic tanks
  • Clearing & cleaning the land
  • Installation of build-in kitchen

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