Traveling in Phayao province in North Thailand

View over Kwan Phayao in North Thailand

Last year I did make a posting about counting all the provinces I had been in Thailand. And I saw I have been to (stayed in) 48 provinces out of the 76. So in the coming months I will travel via my postings from the most southern province I have been to the most northern province, with some photos and information about each province. This is part 29 of the 47 (out of the 77) provinces where I have at least stayed overnight once. Phayao province borders the provinces of Chiang Rai, Nan and Lampang. The capital town is of course Phayao town. And most people will be just passing it on their way to Chiang Rai. Or maybe have a coffee stop along the beautiful Kwan Phayao Lake. But for Thai people Phayao is a favourite destination in the weekend to enjoy the sunset along the lake and eat at one of the many restaurants along the boulevard.

Begin 2000 I started to come to Phayao, most times like many tourists just for a coffee shop along the lake. Around 2012 I started to make motorbike rides and stayed overnight in Phayao and I still like the little town. A perfect place for a 1 night stop-over while traveling in North Thailand. Recommended to stay in a hotel along or near the boulevard along the lake. See my postings about Phayao province. For more information see also Destination Travel Guide Phayao.

Popular Travel Destinations 

  • Phayao town with Kwan Phayao ⭐️
  • Phu Sang National Park
  • Doi Phu Nang National Park
  • Doi Luang National Park (partly in Phayao province)

How to get to Phayao province?

  • 🚘 🛵 from Bangkok via route 32 and route 1. From Chiang Mai via route 118 and route 120. From Nan via route 101, 103 and route 1.
  • ✈️ nearest Airport is in Chiang Rai or Lampang
  • 🚞 nearest Train Station is in Lampang
  • 🚌 from all major cities in North Thailand and of course from Bangkok.
Old teak wooden house in Phayao, North Thailand

Small boats on Kwan Phayao, North Thailand

Sunset over Phayao, North Thailand

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