On the motorbike for an early morning ride on route 1256

Sunrise along route 1256 in Pua, North Thailand

Motorbike trip 2019. Gooooood morning Thailand! As I had not been motorbike riding for a long time it was time again to hit the road. So about a week ago, when it was still crazy hot, I made an early morning motorbike ride from Pua town via route 1256 in direction of Bo Klua. Just to be hunting for sunrises! So I left about 5:30am in the morning and then it is still cool heigh in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. My first stop was at the 1715 viewpoint what is as the name suggests at 1715m above sea-level (although they changed the name a year ago). From there I did ride a little bit further and made a u-turn to go back to Pua. I love riding in the early morning! Following are a few more photos of my little trip. As you can see on the map it is one-way only about 34km (although not sure if this is really correct). But with all the curves in the road it takes you longer as you might think. Click on Motorbike Riding in Thailand to see all my motorbike riding trip reports.

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
Sunrise at viewpoint 1715 in Nan province, North Thailand

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
View over route 1256 in Nan province, North Thailand

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
Sunrise along route 1256 in Nan, North Thailand

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