The Rice Field Project Part 38 : The last part

Building a house in Thailand

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is the last part, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. You did not have any updates lately but since begin May we are living in our new house. Although there are still a few small things that needs to be done. Like putting some tiles on the wall in the kitchen, installing the air-vent in the kitchen. The latter is a bit difficult as the type of air-vent I want is very difficult to get. And the paint people still have to come back to repaint some small parts. Although this is the last part in a few weeks I will write an a kind of follow-up of the all project. With some final photos of the results. But in all we are happy with the results although there a few things that did not go very well.
  • The build in kitchen counter (see photo below) is really not to the quality that we thought we were getting en not in relation to the price we paid for it.
  • Cleaning the house was done very sloppy. We had to order them to come back under supervision of my wife. And after that my wife was still not happy.
  • Due to the un-carefully way of working of the painters there was paint everywhere on tiles. Cleaning that was a lot of work, slightly damaged the tiles and leaves a bad result.
  • The last month the working was done very slow and we daily had to remind the construction company on things still to be done.
  • Yesterday we had a change from our temporarily electricity meter to the official electricity meter. We paid 1.800 Thai baht installation (although the same meter is used but it is just changed a little bit) and 2.000 Thai baht deposit. The 4.000 Thai baht deposit from the temporarily meter will be paid back within 3 weeks.
  • This week (hopefully) 3BB will come along to move our internet connection from our old house to our new house. Installing at our new house might be a bit of a problem as I do not want to have a cable on poles to the house. => Has been done, cable in the ground and router under the house (no ugly cable into the house).
  • The gardening will start 17 May as we ordered some trees and flowers. => Has been done and we now have 100 sqm grass and 9 trees.
  • The next step will be to build a guest-room bungalow in the garden. Just a small and simple bungalow. Work should be done in 1 month.

What did we build?

We did build a 130 sqm. house, only 1 floor but that floor is at 2.30m high so there is an open space with floor under the house. The house has old fashioned roof-tiles (no modern metal sheets).
  • Bedroom
  • Wardrobe room
  • Bathroom with toilet, shower and separate bathtub
  • Separate toilet
  • Storage room
  • L-shape living room
  • Kitchen with balcony and stairs to the back of the house
  • Entrance hall
  • Entrance balcony with stairs to the front of the house
  • Under the house is 
    • Open space as second living room 
    • Storage room
    • Place for wash-machine
    • Guest toilet
    • Place to park motorbikes and bicycles

Total Costs

Original cost for building the house was 1.500.000 Thai baht. After some adjustments that changed to 1.620.000 Thai baht.

Then we had 2 extra building things added
  • 92.000 Thai baht : Higher poles, cement floor under the house, lights under the house
  • 80.000 Thai baht : Storage room + Toilet
With that the total building price became : 1.792.000 Thai baht

But there were some extra costs :
  • 70.000 Thai baht : Better quality things like doors and sanitair for the bathroom
  • 40.000 Thai baht : 2 water-pumps, 1 water-tank, 3 water-filters
  • 46.000 Thai baht : Air-conditioning bedroom + Ceiling fan living room 
  • 72.000 Thai baht : Build in kitchen counter 
  • 13.200 Thai baht : Mosquito screen for all windows (weird that this was not included)
So the real total costs are : 2.033.200 Thai baht.

And of course some extra things like
  • 27.000 Thai baht : Curtains
  • 46.000 Thai baht : Cloths closet Koncept
  • 25.000 Thai baht : Kitchen sink, gas comfort, air-vent
Still to be build 
  • Car parking (hopefully about 50.000 Thai baht)
  • 100 sqm tiles on the floor under the house  (hopefully about 30.000 Thai baht)

Time span of the all Rice Field Project

  • September 2017 : Buying, filling up and making a fence for the first plot of land
  • November 2017 : Buying, filling up and making a fence for the first plot of land
  • December 2017 : Getting electricity
  • January 2018     : Getting water
  • March 2018       : Finding an architect & construction company
  • April 2018         : Designing our house
  • 29 October        : Starting to build
  • 8 November      : Erecting of first pole
  • 18 November    : Foundations are ready
  • 16 December     : Start with steel frame of roof
  • 18 December     : First floor is ready & most walls are made
  • 28 March 2019  : House is 90% finished 
  • 30 April 2019    : House construction finished!
  • 6 May 2019       : Moved to our new house

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