Traveling in Chiang Rai province in North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Last year I did make a posting about counting all the provinces I had been in Thailand. And I saw I have been to (stayed in) 48 provinces out of the 76. So in the coming months I will travel via my postings from the most southern province I have been to the most northern province, with some photos and information about each province. This is part 36 of the 47 (out of the 77) provinces where I have at least stayed overnight once. Chiang Rai province is Thailands most northern province and borders Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. And is mostly famous for the infamous Golden Triangle and the mighty Mekong River from the times that the opium trade was at its highlights. The capital town is of course Chiang Rai town along the Kok River. Chiang Rai is home to mountain ranges, National Parks, rivers, waterfalls and many minority hill-tribes like Tai Lue and Hmong.

Personally for me it was end 1990s that I went for the first time to Chiang Rai town and begin 2000 that I went to travel in Chiang Rai province. And nowadays living in Nan province I come once & while in Chiang Rai province with motorbike trips or visiting friends. I love the mountains, the small Chinese villages and the Mekong River. For mor information see also Destination Travel Guide Chiang Rai.

Popular Travel Destinations 

  • White Temple in Chiang Rai town
  • Golden Triangle
  • Mae Sai International Thai-Myanmar border
  • Mae Sai Border Market
  • Doi Mae Salong, a former KMT village
  • Chiang Seang along the Mekong River
  • Tham Luang Cave
  • Doi Luang National Park
  • Khun Chae National Park
  • Phu Chi Fa viewpoint along the Lao border
  • Chiang Khong, gateway to Laos
  • Doi Tung


In the center of Chiang Rai town are many hotels, ranging from simple guesthouses to luxury 5 star hotels. Personally I think Chiang Rai town does not really warrant staying in town and I would choose to stay upcountry in the mountains of Chiang Rai province where you can also find many hotels and resorts. For reviews of accommodation in Chiang Rai province have a look at Staying at hotels in Chiang Rai province.

How to get to Chiang Rai province?

  • 🚘 🛵 from Bangkok via route 32 and route 1 (Phayonthin road)
  • ✈️ the Airport from Chiang Rai (CEI) is serving daily flights to Bangkok and International flights to China.
  • 🚞 nearest Train Station would be Chiang Mai or Lampang
  • 🚌 from all major cities in North Thailand and of course from Bangkok.
Traveling in North Thailand
Harbour of Chiang Khong, Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
Golden Clocktower in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
Phu Chi Fa viewpoint along the Thai-Lao border in North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
Golden Triangle overlooking the Myanmar, Mekong River and Laos.

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