Traveling in Nan province in North Thailand

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
View from Wat Khao Noi

Last year I did make a posting about counting all the provinces I had been in Thailand. And I saw I have been to (stayed in) 48 provinces out of the 76. So in the coming months I will travel via my postings from the most southern province I have been to the most northern province, with some photos and information about each province. And as last my home town province Nan and this is part 47 of the 47 (out of the 77) provinces where I have at least stayed overnight once. Nan province in North Thailand is in the north & east bordered by Laos, in the south by Uttaradit province and Phrae province. And in the west to Phayao province. Nan province is a bit isolated and off the beaten track province of Thailand. But full of mountains, National Parks, Rivers, Waterfalls and minority hill-tribe people from Southern China.

For me personally it was in 2012 that I made my first motorbike trip to Nan (all your fault Mark) and I started to come back to explore the all province with places like Bo Klua, Pua, Thung Chang and Na Noi. Nan province is motorbike riding heaven, with stunning roads in the mountains. And now I am even living here! But Nan is not only for motorbike riders a great destination, also for people who like to travel individual experience the real hospitality of North Thailand. 

Popular Travel Destinations 

  • Wat Phumin
  • Doi Phu Kha National Park
  • Pua
  • Nan Boat Race Festival
  • Doi Sammer Dao
  • Huai Kon International Thai-Lao border crossing
  • Bo Klua Ancient Salt Pits
  • Rafting on the Wa River
  • Khun Sathan National Park
  • Sila Phet Waterfall
  • Tat Luang Waterfall
  • Wat Khao Noi
  • Nan National Museum
  • Nan Art Gallery
  • Motorbike Riding the Bo Klua Loop
  • Bicycling from Nan to Pua

How to get to Nan province?

  • 🚘 🛵 from Bangkok via route 32, route 1, route 117, route 11 and route 101.
  • ✈️ Nan Nakhon Airport (NNT) is serving daily flights from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok with Air Asia and Nok Air.
  • 🚞 nearest Train Station is in Den Chai. 
  • 🚌 from all major cities in North Thailand and of course from Bangkok. But also to places like Rayong, Ubon Ratchathani and Luang Prabang in Laos.
Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
Lunch on the Nan River

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
Public transport in Nan

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
Annual Long Boat Race on the Nan River

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
Mountains of Doi Phu Kha in Ban Sakad

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
Motorbike heaven in Nan

Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand
Ancient Salt Pits of Bo Klua

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