Traveling in Sisaket province in North-East Thailand

Prasat Phrear Vihear almost on the Thai-Cambodian border

Last year I did make a posting about counting all the provinces I had been in Thailand. And I saw I have been to (stayed in) 48 provinces out of the 76. So in the coming months I will travel via my postings from the most southern province I have been to the most northern province, with some photos and information about each province. This is part 39 of the 47 (out of the 77) provinces where I have at least stayed overnight once. Sisaket province is in the southern part of North-East Thailand and borders Cambodia. Sisaket is in English sometimes also written as Si Sa Ket. And of course the capital town is also Sisaket. Most tourists will probably just be passing Sisaket by train while traveling to/from Ubon Ratchathani. Although Surin province is home to the gateway to the a beautiful ancient khmer temple; the Phrear Vihear (that is in Cambodia).

Although I have since 2002 been about 10 times in Si Saket province I think I did only stay once overnight in Si Saket town, what is a small provincial town and not really a place for tourists to go. But times might be changing as it was at least 6 years ago that I was there for the last time. My main destination was mostly visiting the Phrear Vihear. A really amazing beautiful temple at an stunning location. If you are interested in history & culture this is really worth the detour.

Popular Travel Destinations 

  • Going to Phrear Vihear in Cambodia
  • Khao Phra Wihan National Park
  • Pha Mor E-deang Viewpoint in Khao Phra Wihan National Park
  • Beer Bottle Temple (Wat Larn Kaud)

How to get to Sisaket province?

  • ๐Ÿš˜ ๐Ÿ›ต from Bangkok via route 2 and route 24.
  • ✈️ nearest airport is in Ubon Ratchathani
  • ๐Ÿšž the Train Station from Si Sa Ket is along the Eastern North-East Railroad between Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani.
  • ๐ŸšŒ from all major cities in North-East Thailand and of course from Bangkok
King Pong Waterfall along the Thai-Cambodian border

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