My new Sony RX100 3 camera

Although I am not a real photographer, I have always liked making photos. And I like cameras as gadgets. So I have always had a camera since I was 10. The best camera is the one you have with you, so it has to be small for me. This new camera is replacing my Sony HX90V that I dropped from 4 meter high. In the race for replacement were the Canon G7X 2, Panasonic LX100 2 and Sony RX100 3 or 4. I finally bought the Sony RX100 3, just because the shop made me such a good offer. My personal reason for choosing this type of camera are Small Size, Wifi, View-finder, Good Quality Zeiss lens but not too much zoom. Of course there are few drawbacks ....

The Con's

  • No GPS
  • A bit short zoom
  • It is a camera from June 2014

The pro's

  • Great lens 
  • Wifi
  • RAW
  • Stunning software 
But the best ..... it is small ..... very small .... but yet it has great software & hardware features like tilting screen, view-finder, Wifi, etc. I will not bother to write a real review ... just do a google and I am sure you will find a great review of this little beast.

Short Review

As for Connectivity the little beast comes with ...
  • USB
  • Wifi
  • NFC but I did not use or test that yet
  • HDMI but I did not use or test that yet
To make this all work I had to install some software on my Macbook (Wireless Auto Import and PlayMemories Home) and on my Samsung phone (PlayMemories Mobile and Sony SmartCam Remote). Update of software of the camera can all be done straight from the camera.

The camera has View Finder that can be adjusted for your eyes. But I did what I not like is that closing it also closes the camera. At my HX90V I could disable that function. The LCD screen can be tilted and the screen can be automatically rotated or adjusted for making portret photos.

Shoot mode are Superior Auto, Intelligent Auto, Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority
Manual, Memory recall (3 sets), Movie, iSweep Panorama and Scene Selection. Until now I use Intelligent Auto, Aperture Priority and Manual.

Charging can be done with standard USB cable to any charging device. I love that! Most functions of buttons on the camera can be changed. Two very handig "buttons" are the front-ring and the back-side ring (can not be changed). I love the sensors on the camera. They make this an intelligent little beast! And it really works.

Although the settings are a bit "typically Sony" (that means I do not understand the logic) but there is one great button "Fn" what gives you the option to change settings directly. And the changeable settings to choose from can be changed in the settings. I love that and use it a lot. You can install all kind of apps on the camera, like Time Lapse. That is nice in itself but actually it should be included. This app costs 330 Thai baht. My camera came with a SDHC 32GB card and screen protector film. No bag but I still have one that perfectly fits. I bought my camera at an official Big Camera.

Update 21 August 2019 :

  • Downside is the better LCD screen that uses a lot of battery life
  • Downside is that the automatic switch off by the view-finder can not be switched off.

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