The Vietnam War and that famous photo by Hubert van Es

Traveling to Vietnam
Iconic photo by Hubert van Es about the fall of Saigon

The photo above made by the Dutch photographer Hubert van Es has become iconic for the famous Fall of Saigon at the end of the tragic Vietnam War. And it was labelled as "Helicopter evacuee from the US Embassy in Saigon". And for me and most other people that is what I remember from this photo. That was until I was in Saigon and made a city tour with Ms. Sunny, one of the best guides of Vietnam. While we were walking towards the famous Notre Dame and General Post Office she said "And if you look over there, on top of the building you can see the famous rooftop where the famous photo about the rescue by helicopters was made. Yes, not at the US Embassy but here at the roof of an apartment building".

What is the story? In very short :
"At the almost end of the Vietnam War, the Dutch photo grapher Hubert van Es was staying at a building near the Notre Dame and saw helicopters landing on the rooftop of an apartment building used by the CIA. He did shoot the photo and wired it to his agency in Tokyo with the correct label but in the sense of time & madness the agency automatically thought it was about helicopters at the US Embassy and they did write another label for the photo. And that became history."
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