Costs of living in Thailand 2019

Sometimes people ask me how much it costs to live in Thailand. Well that all depends of course about how you spend your money. Some people spend a lot of money on entertainment or holidays or do buy expensive cars & motorbikes. So since 2012 I started to make a yearly overview of my costs of living in Thailand. My household consists of my wife, me and our cat dog. We are not living in a expensive place like Bangkok or Phuket, but upcountry in North Thailand. I like to travel and once in the 2 or 3 years I still go to my home country to see my family. Sometimes I also still like to eat good western food and like to drink a good glass of wine. In short we like to enjoy life but not over the top. For all postings about Costs of Living in Thailand click HERE.

As add-on this year the costs of the current exchange rate of the Thai baht. If you would calculate the costs of living in Euro or US$ then only due to the bad exchange rate the costs of living would rise with about 15%.

Housing  = 1.100 THB / month
The first 4 months of 2019 we lived in a rental house for 3.300 THB per month. Since May we are living in our own house, so no rental fee. So in average we did pay in 2019 1.000 THB per month rental.

Owning a house = 258 THB / month
The only direct costs in 2019 are the insurance costs of about 3.100 THB per year. But in the future there will be maintenance costs. You could wonder if you should make a yearly reservation for that.

Utility costs  = 1.626 THB / month
Again the first 4 months of 2019 in our rental house the costs are about the same as last year with public water, internet and gas. But in our new house we do not have public water but a water well. So no costs for tap water but more costs for electricity. And as we now have a huge garden we also use more water to water the garden. And we changed to another (better) company for drinking water.
  • Drinking Water  =  233 THB
  • Tap Water          =    27 THB
  • Gas                     =   50 THB
  • Internet              =  750 THB
  • Electricity          =  633 THB
Transport = 3.518 THB / month
My wife bought a new motorbike so we now have 2 small motorbikes, 1 big motorbike and 1 car.

The direct costs are (excluding buying) are 1.376 THB per month.
  • Tax 3.414 + 100 + 100 + 100                                 =   3.714 THB per year
  • Compulsory insurance 645 + 423 + 345 + 645      =   2.058 THB per year
  • Full insurance car + new motorbike 10.000 + 750 = 10.750 THB per year
The maintenance costs are  2.142 THB per month
  • Maintenance 2 small motorbikes =     67 THB
  • Maintenance 1 Big Bike              = 1.175 THB (new tyres + new chain & sprocket this year)
  • Maintenance 1 car                       =    900 THB (new battery this year)
Gasoline = 2.800 THB / month
Gasoline is a part of the costs of transport, but as I like to travel a lot by car and motorbike a part of this costs could also be seen as Travel / Holidays. My wife goes daily on her motorbike. So this are the gasoline costs of 1 car, 1 big motorbike and 1 small motorbike. This is a bit of guess calculated on the km's made.

Travel / Holidays = 5.000 THB / month
As said I like to travel and stay in hotels. Sometimes cheap, sometimes not cheap. Most times we / I go by car or motorbike, sometime we / I fly. So this is for hotels and air-fare. Same as last year

Medical insurance = 6.400 THB / month
Good (international) healthcare insurance for my wife and me. We both have an insurance at a private healthcare insurance in Thailand.

Households (Food + Drink) = 10.000 THB / month
For 2 persons Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The latter 2 are for about 80% at home. Our style of food is a 60/40 mix of Thai & Western food. This costs are excluded food & drinks out of our home.

Mobile Telephone costs = 700 THB / month
For 2 telephones AIS post paid telephone with unlimited internet. Last year this was 800 THB but this year we have a bit cheaper package as last year.

Staying here legally = 579 THB / month
Currently I am staying in Thailand based on a Non-Immigrant "O" visa that can be used for 15 months so my direct costs are not so high, but I will have to make a visa-run every 90 days but due to other travelings I will have to do this only once this year. But it costs me about 2.000 THB.

Entertainment = 2.000 THB / month
As in having a drink and dinner. Costs of this have become cheaper as last year, as there is not much to spend your money on here in a small village. But sometimes we go to Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Shopping = 2.000 THB / month
Like cloths, telephone, shoes, camera, laptop, printer, bicycle, jacket, helmet, furniture, etc. Here I am making a big guess as I actually do not have a clue.

Total per month = 35.981  THB / month

Remark : As I place this posting every year on some Facebook pages about living in Thailand I always get comments "Expensive .... can do much cheaper". And yes they are right you can live much cheaper in Thailand ..... but not with the same standard of living. My direct neighbours probably live with much less .... but they do not not have a comfortable house with warm-water shower, air-conditioning and washing-machine. They do not have a car and a big motorbike. They do not have an health insurance. They do not drink a bottle of nice wine once & awhile. They do not go on holiday to Krabi. They buy their cloths at the market. They do not have ADSL internet. Yes you can rent a one-room apartment for 2.000 THB per month, skip the health insurance, have an Honda Wave as transport mode, eat a rice-dish from the market for breakfast, lunch and dinner and only drink water. I am sure you can then survive for 10.000 THB per month or maybe even less. But that is not why I am living here in Thailand.

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