Statistic of this travel blog in 2019

So somewhere in October or November  it is always time to reflect the past year of my travel-blog. I started this travel-blog in June 2009 as a message to my family & friends and to my own surprise it did change into a blog about Living & Traveling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with travel-information about hotels, restaurants, temples and other places of interest. This travel blog started as Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi, became The Little Elephant in Thailand and is now Traveling 2 Thailand. And most of the new postings are about traveling in Thailand only. For all other postings about statistics have a look HERE.

At the moment there are 2114 postings, so I made 289 postings since November 2018. There are now ......
Within top 10 postings are still mostly motorbike related postings, but at the top 3 the numbers are so high that you can assume that this are ping-hits. In the section of Traveling posts the posting about Koh Kuud is number 1.

The top 4 of countries of the viewers are USA, Thailand, Russia and the Netherlands but the number of viewers from China is growing steadily and will soon be within the top 4 I think.

The top 3 of operating systems are Windows, OSX and Android. And the top 3 of referring websites are Google, Google and Facebook.

I stopped wasting my time to promote this travel blog at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Looking to the statistics the audience of this travel blog is still a little bit growing, with small die-hard group of fans. And my first Destination Travel Guide about Nan province in North Thailand is still growing at : Destination Travel Guide Nan, Thailand.

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