Typically the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam, Netherland

Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
The famous Cafe Timmer

In the past weeks I have been traveling back to my home country, to stay in contact with the old world and with my family and friends. It was cold and sometimes wet weather, but I survived. I did walk a lot in Rotterdam. While walking over the Oude Binneweg in Rotterdam (Netherlands) I noticed that a few of the old shops are still alive and kicking. So following are some photos of the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam.

Like Cafe Timmer (photo above) in a house build in 1870 and a cafe (tapperij) since 1875.

Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fikkie, another famous Rotterdamer.
Fikkie (photo above) is a citizen of Rotterdam since 1993 and after running all over Rotterdam he ended here at the Oude Binnenweg. Fikkie is made by Joeki Sumak from Budapest. Another old face of the Oude Binnenweg is De Spijkermand (photo below), that opened its doors in 1928.

Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
For knives, screws and nails you go top De Spijkermand
Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Another famous pub is Melief Bender
Cafe Melief Bender (photo above) opened its doors in 1876 as Cafe du Lion d'or and is called Melief Bender since 1932. But since 1973 not under family management & ownership.

Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lets have a drink at De Vijgeboom
IJssalon Venezia (photo under) is under the family management of Anita Dall’ Asta en Giuseppe Olivo since 1964. And bookshop Van Gennep is already more as 40 years a place to go for book lovers.

Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
For the best ice cream you go to IJssalon Venezia.
Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
And for the best books you go to Van Gennep of course

Traveling in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Last but not least Mr Butplug.


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