The Rice Field Project : Building a bungalow part 2

Building a bungalow in Thailand
Our bungalow

As part of Living in Thailand we did build our own house between the rice fields of Pua in North Thailand. The main project (our house) was finished 5 months ago, for more information see my postings about The Rice Field Project. We always had the idea of starting our own homestay or guesthouse so 20 August 2019 we started to build a bungalow on our almost 1 rai land (= almost 1600 sqm). On contract it should be finished on 20 October 2019 but the first planning was 10 October. But This Is Thailand so it became 25 October. So yes the construction of the bungalow is now finished.

What did we build and what did it cost?

We did build a 36 sqm bungalow with a 14 sqm verandah. The bungalow has a flat metal sheet roof and inside a loft-style ceiling with wood. There is a separate toilet room and a bathroom with shower. No shower-curtain, no hot-water-machine-on-wall. All sanitary-ware is from American Standard. On the floor are all tiles, most grade A bought at Home Pro. Some a bit lower quality and bought at Dynasty in Pua. The bungalow has lights on the verandah and on the back side of the bungalow. The bungalow has its own water-waste system of 1 black plastic septic-tank and an overflow cement-rings hole.

The construction costs were 250.000 Thai baht for a 30 sqm bungalow with a 9 sqm verandah. But because we made the bungalow 6 sqm bigger and the verandah 5 sqm bigger we offered to buy & pay for the tiles, sanitary-ware and 2 wooden doors ourselves. So we also bought better quality. But that all did cost about 50.000 Thai baht extra. So actually the bungalow did cost 300.000 Thai baht to build. Actually there were a few more construction costs so the total became 328.000 Thai baht.

What is next?

To make this bungalow functional as homestay we there is of course more needed.
  • Installation of an air-conditioning we have from our previous house ✅
  • Buying & installation of a warm-water machine for shower ✅
  • Buying & installation of curtains ✅
Then of course we will need furniture 
  • A bed + mattress ✅
  • Chairs + table for the verandah ✅
  • Wardrobe ✅
  • Side table + chair for inside
  • Small fridge ✅
Then of course we will need more
  • Bed sheets + blanket ✅
  • Pillows ✅
  • Towels ✅
  • Toiletries like soap ✅
  • Water-cooker + cups ✅
  • Glasses ✅
To make the bungalow area a bit nicer we need to make a garden around it, that means
  • 2 trucks of soil ✅
  • Flowers ✅
  • Grass ✅
  • Gravel for parking place ✅
Building a bungalow in Thailand
Verandah our bungalow

Building a bungalow in Thailand
Bathroom our bungalow

Building a bungalow in Thailand
Shower our bungalow

Building a bungalow in Thailand

Building a bungalow in Thailand
Toilet our bungalow

Building a bungalow in Thailand
Our bungalow

Building a bungalow in Thailand
Our bungalow


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