Visiting a cliff in North-East Thailand

Traveling in North-East Thailand

While visiting the family of my wife we did visit a cliff overlooking Pak Chong in Saraburi province.  The Khorat plateau in North-East Thailand is about 200m higher as Central Thailand and the beginning of that plateau is also the border between Nakhon Ratchasima province and Saraburi province. And the plateau begins with a mountain range. And the cliff we did visit is on this mountain range. Looking west you are overlooking the valley of Pak Chong in Saraburi, looking east you are overlooking the plateau of Khorat where in this area some huge rock (small mountains) pop out of the otherwise flat plateau. And on the ridge of the plateau the government of Thailand has been building (in cooperation with China) a windmill farm to generate electricity. So over a stretch of maybe 50km you will see more a hundred huge windmills. Construction of these windmills (done by Chinese) did bring economical windfall profit to the local area. Following are a few more photos.

Traveling in North-East Thailand

Traveling in North-East Thailand

Traveling in North-East Thailand

Traveling in North-East Thailand


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