Happy New Year 2563 / 2020

A last posting of 2562 / 2019 with a sunrise over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha National Park in Nan province, North Thailand. This year was an eventful year for us, we build & moved in our new house, we did build our bungalow and openend our homestay Non Na Pua. Our lovely dog Nam Keang joined us and I did make a stunning tour of duty in Vietnam. And of course I made a a few great motorbike trips in North Thailand. And the new year 2563 / 2020 is promising to be even better! Traveling 2 Thailand is wishing you a happy & healthy 2563 /2020 filled with joy, love, prosperity and of course many safe travels. See you next year again here at my travel blog Traveling 2 Thailand.

Update March 2020 : That was a mistake. Can we rewind and try again?


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