A few days in Hanoi, Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam

Back again in Hanoi for 4 days, my arrival was a kind of extra-ordinary flashback from the first time I arrived in Hanoi in 1995. I did fly from Bangkok to Hanoi with Air Asia and did get my Visa On Arrival. Outside the airport it was busy as the the TET festival (Vietnamese New Year) was about to start. My taxi-driver took the long way and used the old bridge to cross the Red River. And that triggered a flashback, it did feel like I was frozen in time. Driving thru the chaos of Hanoi in the evening scared me ...... I felt like coming home. I did visit the Museum of Ethnology where you can see the origin of the cultural society of Vietnam. Highly recommended to visit! Following are a few photos I made while in Hanoi.

Traveling in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam


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