Two days in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam
View over Halong Bay & Halong city, Vietnam

From Hanoi it is just about less as 3 hours via the highway to Halong Bay, what is world famous for its karsten mountains in the sea. This time not an overnight trip by Chinese Junk but just a day-trip with a delicious seafood lunch and a visit to the Thien Cung Cave. The cave visit was stunning, not only because it is a beautiful cave but because we were almost alone. No hordes of other people walking around. In the meanwhile the weather changed from nice cool to cold & rainy, so it felt like a European autumn but then in Vietnam. We did stay at the City Bay Palace Hotel, what is a good hotel but the location is a bit awkward as there are not much restaurants or shops nearby. Especially with TET festival going on. But from my room I had a nice view over town. Following are a few more photos I made while traveling in Halong Bay.

Traveling in Vietnam
Cold and foggy weather in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam
Halong Bay city, Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam
Halong Bay city, Vietnam


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