Two days in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam

From Hanoi it is just about less as 3 hours via the highway to Halong Bay, what is world famous for its karsten mountains in the sea. This time not an overnight trip by Chinese Junk but just a day-trip with a delicious seafood lunch and a visit to the Thien Cung Cave. The cave visit was stunning, not only because it is a beautiful cave but because we were almost alone. No hordes of other people walking around. In the meanwhile the weather changed from nice cool to cold & rainy, so it felt like a European autumn but then in Vietnam. We did stay at the City Bay Palace Hotel, what is a good hotel but the location is a bit awkward as there are not much restaurants or shops nearby. Especially with TET festival going on. But from my room I had a nice view over town. Following are a few more photos I made while traveling in Halong Bay.

Traveling in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam

Traveling in Vietnam


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