Clean water, you might take it for granted

Living in Thailand

What is above photo? Well it are water filters, left the old one. And right how this filter looked when it was new. When living in my home country I took clean water for granted. We even used drinking water for the garden or to wash our car. But once you are living upcountry in Thailand you realise that having clean water is a privilege. At the location of our new house (since May 2019) we do not have connection to a public water system. So we had a water well made in our garden. But as you guess this water is not 100% clean, so we installed a water filter system. The first filter is an Mazuma sediment filter (M1F-3) with an R-30 Pleated R-30 Filter. When we bought the all system (with 2 other filters) we were told to clean them every 6 months. So well now at almost 10 months it might be time to clean them. So yesterday I did replaced the sediment filter. The replacement itself is easy but getting the replacement when you are living in upcountry Pua was a bit challenging. I went to 2 shops where the staff said "mai mi" (no have) and also the third shop had the same answer. But she recommended me to go to an another shop nearby. And they had the filters but not exactly the same one. Other brand name and different made : Uni Pure PP filter. Cheap at 60 Thai baht and it looks like Tthe new filter works good. Next step will be to back-wash & rinse the second filter (Carbon) and third filter (Resin).


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